Only saving program approved
by U.S. Department of Education

Implemented in more than 7000 schools with more than 3,500,000 public and private school students in Canada and the United States, School Savings is the undisputed leader in helping childen learn to save.


Member, Federal Reserve Bank since 1996

School Savings has been a processor for the Federal Reserve Bank since 1996. Its online/mobile friendly school banking system eliminates hand posting and digitally credits student accounts. See How School Savings Works within school banking regulations.

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    First Interstate Bank Foundation

    School Savings streamlined our existing MiniBank program.

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    Washington Mutual

    School Savings' system reduced our staffing requirements from 28 to 2!.

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    Martha's Vineyard Bank

    Our schools love the program!

Our School Savings services are targeted to under-served communities and Title I Disadvantaged schools in urban and rural areas and reservations. More than 7 million households are still without banking services. We partner with financial institutions and organizations with similar goals to reverse these numbers.


Electronic Deposit Processing

Directly through the Federal Reserve Bank


A secure cloud-based system (WebSaver®) collects student (and faculty) deposits and manages saving operations. As a processor for the Federal Reserve Bank, School Savings is required to meet the same security requirements as financial institutions.

School Banking

WebSaver® records, reconciles and secures deposits


Parent volunteers manage the program at the school and transport deposits to a local branch. Around midnight, School Savings assembles the deposits and electronially credits the students' accounts.

Saving Curriculum

App teaches students mechanics of saving


An Online Savings Register teaches students to balance their savings account when they receive their bank statement. A Goal Saving app teaches them budgeting skills. An integrated student incentive system keeps students motivated to save FREQUENTLY.