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School Savings Deposits are FDIC Insured

Cloud Banking | ACH Processing |
On-Demand Reporting

Member, Federal Reserve Bank |
U.S. Department of Education Approved



  • More than 3,500,000 students in 7000+ schools have learned to save through School Savings™.

  • School Savings™ is the ONLY school banking program ever approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

  • We are best known for our unique ability to eliminate "manual posting" of student deposits.

  • In the early 1980s we created the first computerized version of School Savings using MS-Dos and Apple IIe computers.

  • In 1985 School Savings™ was approved as a national education model by the U.S. Department of Education.

  • In 1995 School Savings became SCHOOLSAVINGS.COM by accepting its first deposits in the "cloud."

  • We built the School Savings brand upon four core values that motivate our company and shape our lives. They represent the most important principles of our corporate culture and of the people who work at School Savings.

    These core values are: (1) Provide Value (2) Innovate (3) Ensure Superior Quality and Service and (4) Invest with our Partners.

What is School Savings™?

School Savings™ is a social enterprise that teaches children to save by accepting their saving deposits AT SCHOOL. It is also a processor for the Federal Reserve Bank and has been evaluated and approved by the U.S. Department of Education for public and private schools.

Its goal is to re-instill the savings ethic in youth. A secure, cloud-based deposit system collects student (and faculty) deposits, manages saving operations and credits the accounts DIRECTLY through the Federal Reserve Bank.

School Savings includes an Online Savings Register and an animated Budgeting app that helps students develop money management skills. An integrated student incentives system keeps students motivated to save FREQUENTLY.

School Savings is a powerful tool that enables financial institutions and schools to develop meaningful relationships with families and increase financial literacy in their communities.

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Digital Deposit Service

School Savings™ Keys to Success

Digital Posting

Eliminate manual posting of student deposits and save teller time.

Online Deposits

A hi-tech school banking application records, reconciles and secures deposits.

Student Manager

Automatically move students to new teachers and schools at graduation.

Online Curriculum

An Online Savings Register and animated Budgeting app help increase financial literacy.

Watch Our Videos!

  • USDOE Approved!

  • Students Making Deposits at School.

    Make Deposits Video

  •  School Savings™ is a member of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
                            Student deposits are credited to their accounts via Fedline.

    Eliminates Deposit Posting!

  • Deposit, Student and School Reports have on-demand access. An auto-generated Summary Report of all transactions is sent to Coordinators weekly.

    Anytime REPORTS Video

  •  Students practice balancing their savings account and learn to budget for
                            purchases and their future education.

    Online Savings Register

  • Students are incented for frequent saving. An integrated Points system makes the incentive system easy to manage and fun.

    Contests Make Saving Fun!


Our Clients

Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank

We have been using School Savings' cloud-based school banking system since 2008. It is secure and is approved by Federal Reserve Bank regulators for electronic deposit processing. School Savings™ is also approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Our schools love the program!

Our Clients

Washington Mutual

We used School Savings' school banking technology for twenty-four (24) years beginning with their disk-based program. In 2002 we moved to their cloud-based system and tripled our number of schools to 2500. Their technology reduced our school banking Operations staff from 31 to 2 before the merger.

Our Clients

First Interstate Bank Foundation

“First Interstate has hosted a school banking program for 17 years, much of it using an in-house system that required manual posting. Switching to School Savings™ and utilizing its online management and electronic deposit systems has helped make our program more streamlined and convenient for both our school banking customers and our employees.”


3 Implementation Choices

1. Non-Profit

Accounts can be at any financial institution.

3. Market

Sponsor license for market area schools
  • All student accounts at sponsor institution. Includes major marketing program.
  • Introductory Offer


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