"Our schools love the School Savings™ program."


First Interstate Bank Foundation

"First Interstate has hosted a school banking program for 20 years, much of it using an in-house system that required manual posting. Switching to School Savings™ and utilizing its online management and electronic deposit systems has helped make our program more streamlined and convenient for both our school banking customers and our employees."

Washington Mutual

"We used School Savings' school banking technology for twenty-four (24) years beginning with their disk-based program. In 2002 we moved to their cloud-based system and tripled our number of schools to 2500. Their technology reduced our school banking Operations staff from 28 to 2 before the merger."

Martha's Vineyard Bank

"We have been using School Savings' cloud-based school banking system since 2008. It is secure and is approved by Federal Reserve Bank regulators for electronic deposit processing. School Savings™ is also approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Our schools love the program!"